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It's for everyone....except the robots, they'll have plenty of time to read it when they take over the world


Extra Sauce

Obligatoryinated-esque News

26 Aug 2008 11:47 pm


that worked out better than I thought it would

I guess

enjoy you're comeecks

11 Aug 2008 12:13 am


thought about it

Single-shots will come every monday

if I do a three parter, it'll be M,W,F,

Five-parter every weekday

and more than five is just how I see fit.

10 Aug 2008 05:21 pm

lucky treat

Decided that updating every monday is more reasonable than every weekday, and with that said, 3 comics are coming up, one each monday, one of them I never thought I'd upload, for reasons you'll see next week

09 Aug 2008 07:32 pm

there you go

new COMICS!!!!!

First one this monday, WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!


oh yeah, illustrator works....and I forgot how much fun it was to work through a comic...



09 Aug 2008 07:15 pm


I went and drew you a, for realz...that's probably why you're looking at this page right now..

well...I had some trouble with Adobe illustrator, had to insert text through paint....text is too small...sooooooo....


09 Aug 2008 05:28 pm


ever do something and look back at it and go "WHOA, what was that guy doing?"

well, just went there....I'm gonna finish a paper and try to draw a new comic....

yes i know, false promises and what not...but ummmm...ya's gonna happen

13 Jun 2008 11:03 am


you like updates?

i do too.....


31 Mar 2008 06:07 am


DISREGARD THAT, I'M GAY lies, and offensive lies at that...i wouldn't been more offended if i was a tiger....or something...i guess something bad

17 Feb 2008 10:24 pm

no moar lies

i'm serious, i'm starting like, for real this tme and stuffs...

leik, seriusleh gais..

no really, I am...

16 Nov 2007 05:16 pm

still here

don't worry, almost ready to get back in updating shape

heard about SmackJeeves 10K comic event, that's pretty daunting, free hosting? with over 9,000! comics

sorry, couldn't help myself, sometimes I feel like a juggernaut.....bitch

once again, I'm sorry, i'll go get some mcdonalds, for my homey and me, duble double size andon't forget the fries

but with bad jokes aside, I'm seriously trying to restart this comic and get ready to make it like i thought it would, if anyone is still reading this I thank you

19 Oct 2007 03:51 pm


haven't done crap in a while, apologies lie within this post

anyways, may not update in a while, plusi need to get my humor back, seems i lost it for a while

04 Oct 2007 12:41 pm


i'm supposed to be doing something...

i forget....probably no update tommorow, i'm totally not in a drawing mood i guess

01 Oct 2007 11:18 am


was out sat. from 3 AM to 10 PM, recording 100 black men parade, ironically as the second most-light skinned person, but that's okay, don't care, anyways, i got two homeless ladies to fight over me, even though i didn't say anything, and was on the field at FAMU vs. TSU, but the guard (who let me in) was upset cuz i didn't have a badge when i was screw him

today's comic is a pet peeve of mine, a serious pet peeve unless you're a close friend of mine, i mean honestly, if you meet me in real life and you're not a close friend, i will have to ignore you cuz that phrase sucks balls

24 Sep 2007 03:52 pm


as a great man once said, "Sorry Comedy, Drama is my new friend", but just as he broke up with drama to be back with comedy again, so have i, or i will, in about 2 comics, real MAN comedy, not that sissy comedy i was doing

17 Sep 2007 03:35 pm

bizzack beyatches

first off, happy birthday to Jahra, who is playing OoT for the first time, and if that's not an awesome present present, then i don't know what is

Aboutto finish up this Thanos crap, then i'll regain interest in Charlie, and i decided, that until the next break, i'll be doing M,W,F Comics from now on

14 Sep 2007 03:25 pm

so uhh...

yeah, haven't updated in a weak, i'm gonna try to start it up next week, got 4 comics, they're all story driven, but iwanna go back to one-shots....

well, we'll figure it out eventually

03 Sep 2007 11:03 pm


probably no comics this week, i'm doing a contest...

I might upload my contest comics, and while i'm at it, I might upload a "Hjcomics: Lite" that i did in Civics cuz i was so bored...meh, see ya'll soon

29 Aug 2007 04:34 pm


little idea i had after watching Rush Hour 3 with tim and i ran out of thi smoothie thingie...i'm tempted to try it

28 Aug 2007 03:52 pm

oh yeah, forgot

Andross....the SNES Brawl, i did not see that coming at all, if i did, i would've guessed the 64 version, but the SNES VERSION!?!?!?!

totally crazy, i mean, wow....

I need this game now

28 Aug 2007 03:34 pm


sorry for the extreme lack of updates, been busy, especially with this cat....

and shareaza

and enter the matrix

i've just got a lot going on, so i'll still work on keeping this going for the one or two people still reading this comic

23 Aug 2007 04:39 pm


kind of an inside joke, but funny regardless...meh

see ya tommorow

22 Aug 2007 07:05 pm


i hate banner makers, but this'll do for a while until i find a good one

22 Aug 2007 04:48 pm

I'm a Mess

I can't handle the M, W, F, lineup, it's too long, daily, i at least feel like i'm updating enugh to stay interesting

22 Aug 2007 04:20 pm

oh yeah

along with my M, W, F lineup, i'll be switching, it'll be story, one-shot, story, one-shot, etc. alternating until i run out of ideas or paper, whichever creates the most havoc

22 Aug 2007 04:13 pm

Detective Pops

yeah, M, W, F Schedule sounds so much better, might just go with that... today's comic is purely for fun, pops is a detective, and a damn good one too, i might do this character in the future again, simply cuz it was fun drawing an overcoat

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